Creating content strategies for the world's most well-known brands

I've designed and developed content strategies and publications for a range of organizations, from established companies like MetLife and Amazon to boutique agencies like Article Group


Full-stack content strategy, content production, team building, and product management


Branded publication design, production, hiring, and product management

Global B2B Financial Firm

Content design, taxonomy building, content migration, and strategy

Article Group

Article Group

Voice and brand creation and omni-channel content marketing



Launch, editorial management, and organizational leadership of a men's lifestyle publication


Content strategy and content creation

Recruiting marketing and creative executives for innovative orgs


Global Private Capital Association

A rapidly expanding trade association with headquarters in NYC and Singapore needed to hire a savvy marcom professional who could partner with the CEO to develop press strategy, grow the brand's awareness, manage a complex content marketing engine, and mentor a young team

A&E Networks

A+E Networks

A+E was behind the curve in transitioning its online content, and they needed to hire an experienced and politically savvy digital operator who could lead a team of 15 creators and partner with other departments to ensure the best content is published online

The New York Observer

With exciting new leadership and facing a full online relaunch, the New York Observer needed to hire a hard-nosed and creative newsroom leader who could partner with the EIC to develop coverage areas, expand the newsroom, edit copy, and mentor a young team

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