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Hi, I'm Steve. I build content products, develop content marketing strategies, and grow communities and brands. I've worked with all manner of global brands, from Amazon to MetLife to Adobe, both independently and through agencies. You can find more of my work on linkedin and substack.

Hire Steve to:

Develop and manage content products

I've designed and developed content strategies and publications for a range of organizations, from established companies like MetLife and Box to boutique agencies like Article Group.

Recruit creatives and executives

I've built teams from scratch, hired executives for global organizations, and staffed (and managed) projects for clients. I can start from zero, or develop an existing department or team.

Run workshops and create custom events

I lead workshops on developing creative content ideas, and I help companies develop and produce creative events.

Good work for good people

I've helped some of the world's biggest brands be more effective marketers

MetLife Upwise

App launch strategy and content development for MetLife

We created a full-stack content strategy, production workflow, and suite of educational launch content for MetLife's first-ever financial services app

Box Blueprint

Branded publishing for Box

We designed and launched Box Blueprint, a branded content publication that became one of the most influential voices on the future of work


Content optimization and talent strategy for a global non-profit

We streamlined newsletter workflows and recruited a head of marketing and communications, putting a powerful trade association on the path to growth

Article Group

Multi-channel content marketing for a boutique creative agency

As the Head of Content, developed a multi-channel strategy that reached tens of thousands of brand decision makers with original content and resources that helped them make better creative marketing decisions


Launch and management of a men's lifestyle magazine

As the EIC, built a nationwide editorial and design team, created and led the native advertising strategy, and grew the business to 500,000 subscribers and $5M in revenue in three years

A&E Networks

Talent strategy for A+E Networks

Recruited an experienced and politically savvy digital operator to lead a team of 15 creators and partner with other departments to level up the network's online publishing strategy

Helpful things we've built recently

Brand and Content Strategy Workshop

12-Step Brand and Content Strategy Workshop

Twelve essential branding and content strategy exercises (with examples) to help companies clarify their strategy and develop unique content ideas.

How to Host a Workshop

How to run a workshop for fun and profit

How to tap into the creativity of the people in your organization and never waste time in a brainstorm again.

How to hire a content strategist

How to Hire a Content Strategist

For anyone who wants to develop editorial content for their product or service, but doesn’t know how to create or integrate a product-led content strategy.

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