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Steve Bryant

I'm a freelance content strategist and fractional marketing executive who partners with brands and agencies. My business is called Delightful.
my services

Hire me to develop high impact content for complex markets

I work with agencies and brands to develop and manage brand content and content products, from pitch to strategy to implementation and management.

I've launched startups, managed nationwide editorial teams, and created content products for global organizations.

I'm comfortable working with matrixed teams and directly with executives and leaders to make rapid progress.
Content strategy and production

Everything from initial discovery to full content production. I work with organizations to develop the right content for the right people on the right channels, with the goal of developing content that is timely, relevant, and interesting to a target audience.

  • Audience research
  • Audience persona
  • Content audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Gap analysis
  • Content pillars
  • Content calendaring
  • Content channel selection and mix
  • Content production
  • Content style guides
Content systems design and information architecture

Developing content taxonomies, user journeys, and formats. I analyze existing content to develop better experiences and create flexible content systems for new products.

  • Taxonomy creation
  • User journey development
  • Format creation
  • Copywriting
  • System design documentation
Process and workflow development

Content acquisition, production, editing, and governance. I create, adjust, and manage content workflows to ensure repeatability and efficiency.

  • Content production guidelines
  • Content planning and calendaring
  • Content assignment and editing
  • Content team management
  • Content project management
  • Content governance
Team building and hiring strategy

Hiring marketing and creative leaders, and building content teams. I work with an organization's leaders to develop a hiring strategy and job descriptions for key personnel, and lead recruiting efforts.

  • Hiring strategy
  • Job descriptions
  • Talent recruiting
Creative and collaborative workshops

To develop or refine projects or make progress on critical issues. I develop and host online workshops as standalone offerings or as part of an engagement. Previous topics have included:

  • Brand positioning
  • Content topic and theme selection
  • Value proposition design
Previous clients include

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