Steve Bryant is Delightful
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MetLife Upwise

App content

MetLife was embarking on a multi-year project to build a new financial wellness app—but they didn't know how to educate their users on personal finance, what editorial to create, or how to develop a strategy and production workflow to create hundreds of articles and graphics for an app that would be used by tens of thousands of users every day. By creating a rigorous content strategy and through collaboration with internal stakeholders and several development agencies, we developed an editorial plan, strategic messaging framework, staffing model, and publishing calendar to create a library of content that educates users on all aspects of personal finance, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement.

Box Blueprint

Brand publishing

Box needed to drive awareness and prime sales conversations. Working closely with product executives, we mapped the conversational topics that Box could own. We then developed a publishing and distribution strategy and created a workflow that produced 6-10 new stories a week—all utilized by the sales team and social teams and cross-pollinated with media appearances.

Adobe Dimension

Product positioning

Adobe had a hot new 3D design tool, Dimension—but they weren't certain who their target audience was, how to reach them, or how to get their attention to convert. Through user and designer interviews and market research, we defined the target audience and created a strategic messaging framework that made the messaging task at hand approachable and actionable.

Steve Bryant is Delightful

Steve is a freelance strategist and creative consultant who conceives new editorial products, hires creative personnel for new products and companies, develops editorial plans, creates strategies for brands, and develops content proposals, pitches, and strategies for agencies.

Prior to Delightful, Steve was the head of content for Article Group, the founding editor of InsideHook, the director of branded and sponsored content for NBC, a columnist for Hollywood Reporter, and one of the first employees of Thrillist.

Steve also co-founded Rental Car Rally, "the world's dumbest motoring event", which runs every summer in the California desert.

You can find him on twitter, linkedin, and substack.

Steve Bryant
Brand and Content Strategy Workshop

12-Step Brand and Content Strategy Framework

Twelve essential branding and content strategy exercises (with examples) to help companies clarify their strategy and develop unique content ideas.

How to Host a Workshop

How to Run a Workshop

How to tap into the creativity of the people in your organization and never waste time in a brainstorm again.

How to hire a content strategist

How to Hire a Content Strategist

For anyone who wants to develop editorial content for their product or service, but doesn’t know how to create or integrate a product-led content strategy.

You don't get it, you aren't the point

You don’t get it. You aren’t the point.

The surprising reason why your brand sucks at storytelling, and what to do about it.

Make it for your audience's audience

Make it for your audience’s audience

How to create things that help themselves get shared.

Make relationships not things

Make relationships, not things.

You can’t “thing” your way to people trusting you.

Steve Bryant

Rental Car Rally

The world's dumbest motoring event runs every summer in the California desert, featuring 50 costumed cars, 300 costumed people, and 24 hours of kind-hearted mayhem.

Super weird, check it out
Steve Bryant Rental Car Rally

Schadenfreude Lager

The world's first and only beer developed to commemorate an impeachment trial, featuring portraits of America's most flaccid intellects. Schadenfreude Lager: distastes great.

View the mockups
Steve Bryant Scahdenfreude Lager

The Great Steak Debate

Developed for a men's lifestyle publication, this sponsored series of foodie events featured ribeye from eight of America's finest purveyors in a blind taste test, as prepared by chefs like LDV's Marc Forgione.

watch the video
Steve Bryant Great Steak Debate
Steve bryant
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