Content leadership and talent strategy for brands and agencies

Steve Bryant is a creative consultant and content specialist who works with brands and agencies.

He conceives new editorial products, recruits creative personnel and executives to lead products and companies, creates strategies for brands, and develops proposals, pitches, and strategies for agencies.

Steve Bryant

Hire Steve to:

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Develop and manage content products

I've designed and developed content strategies and publications for a range of organizations, from established companies like MetLife and Box to boutique agencies like Article Group.

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Recruit creatives and executives

I've built teams from scratch, hired executives for global organizations, and staffed (and managed) projects for clients. I can start from zero, or develop an existing department or team.

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Run workshops and create custom events

I lead workshops on developing creative content ideas, and I help companies develop and produce creative events.

Good work for good people

Steve Bryant

Steve is Delightful

Steve Bryant (face on cake, left) is a creative consultant who conceives new editorial products, hires creative personnel for new products and companies, develops editorial plans, creates strategies for brands, and develops content proposals, pitches, and strategies for agencies.

Prior to Delightful, Steve was the head of content for Article Group, the founding editor of InsideHook, the director of branded and sponsored content for NBC, a columnist for Hollywood Reporter, and one of the first employees of Thrillist.

Steve also co-founded Rental Car Rally, "the world's dumbest motoring event", which runs every summer in the California desert.

You can find him on twitter, linkedin, and substack.

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