Hello, my name is

Steve Bryant

I'm a freelance content strategist and fractional marketing executive who partners with brands and agencies. My business is called Delightful.

Hire me to:

Develop and manage content products

I've designed and developed content strategies and publications for a range of organizations, from established companies like MetLife and Box to boutique agencies like Article Group.

Grow and manage content teams

I've built teams from scratch, hired executives for global organizations, and staffed (and managed) projects for clients. I can start from zero, or develop an existing department or team.

Create content strategies

I've created and devloped brands through content, and expressed brand identities in content, for organizations like Box, Adobe, Amazon, and more.

Run workshops

I develop custom workshops for organizations who want to upskill their team members in the domains of content and content strategy.

Create custom events

I've created events that have received press from ABC World News Tonight, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and more.
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I've worked with organizations like

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