Big, crazy, weird, and (mostly!) sponsored events and projects

Over the years we've done everything from launch a costumed car rally at midnight in the California desert, to create a unique beer to celebrate impeachment, to bring 100s of people together to enjoy a blind taste test for America's best steaks, to, well, this list is getting a bit long. Have a scroll.

"Distaste's Great!"

We made an impeachment beer

There was a time where we thought impeachment was a thing that mattered. This beer was made to celebrate that time. Created in collaboration with Mr. Mike Spiegel and Jameson Jones.

Schadenfreude Lager
Sponsored by Audi

We created the world's first and tastiest steak eating contest

For men's lifestyle publication InsideHook, I created and produced the world's first-ever steak eating contest for 100+ influencers and foodie judges, featuring steaks from eight of the nation's best purveyors, all cooked by Chef Marc Forgione at his Tribeca restaurant American Cut.

Great Steak Debate
Super charming events

We created and organize a midnight car rally

Rental Car Rally is the world's first, only, and silliest 500-mile, midnight-to-midnight, costumed driving challenge. Run every summer in the California desert, RCR has caught the attention of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Let's incur the wrath of the federal government

We created a satirical site that helped you apply to Mar-A-Lago

Whether you're a foreign dignitary, swingin' K street lobbyist, FSB agent posing as a bellhop, or just some work-a-day schnook in "construction", you'll enjoy the gilded grounds of Mar-a-Lago—a tremendous seaside resort that will cater to your every pay-for-play need.

Step 1: Create fake family crest

We improved the Trump family crest by adding a nuclear missile and inscribing his banner with "grab 'em by the _____" in Latin, because that's presidential.

Step 2: Create application form and mailers

We designed a "Country Club" presidential seal and an original application ("members can enjoy the Wikileaks Swimming Pool, the Her Emails Business Center ..."), and mailed copies to places like
Fast Company and Yahoo and every single Congressperson.

Step 3: Create a site that auto-sends applications

... Helping everyday Janes and Joes to apply for membership.

Wiimbledon NYMag approval matrix
Games! Bear costumes!

And a long time ago, we created the world's first-ever Wii Tennis tournament

In the year of our Lord 2007 AD, we created the world's first-ever Wii Tennis tournament in what was then the sleepy neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Designed to coincide with the actual tennis tourney, and unfolding over a weekend, Wiimbledon attracted hundreds of costumed players and the attentions of New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and ABC World News Tonight.

We like letters

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