Hiring a Head of Marcom for the Global Private Capital Association

The challenge: A rapidly expanding trade association with headquarters in NYC and Singapore needed to hire a savvy marcom professional who could partner with the CEO to develop press strategy, grow the brand's awareness, manage a complex content marketing engine, and mentor a young team

Global Non-Profit

Wanted: an experienced marcom leader with a global mindset

After researching the client's business and goals, we developed a job description and scorecard that emphasized the client's mission-driven purpose, and which would help us identify excellent candidates who were excited to achieve the organization's goals


What a person needs to accomplish in this role. Where job descriptions focus on what the person will be doing, outcomes focus on what the person must get done. Most of the jobs we hire for have three to eight outcomes. Below is a sample list of appropriate outcomes for this role.

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Increase press mentions by 15% by the end of year one

Work directly with CEO to set brand and press strategy. Improve our market position with our key audiences by developing and writing compelling messaging. Manage external PR vendor, improving press targets and increasing the frequency and effectiveness of pitches.

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Improve the department’s approach to publishing campaigns within 180 days of start date

Improve marcom’s approach to internal calendaring communication, establishing a new meeting structure and getting buy-in with organization leaders

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Meaningfully increase key content engagement metrics by the end of year one

Analyze and improve existing newsletter strategy, improving core characteristics (content, formats, subject lines, etc.) and establishing best practices. Develop and launch social strategy, set and manage KPIs.

Necessary behaviors to achieve outcomes
Candidates must exhibit:
Analytical ability
Organization and planning
Global mindset
Finance experience

Hundreds interviewed, six shortlisted, one dynamic hire

150 candidates evaluated

Through a combination of personal network sourcing and online research, we identified 150 candidates that had the requisite skill set. After evaluating those candidates, we chose 12 to join us in a 45-minute screening interview.

Six candidates shortlisted

After screening the candidates, we referred six to our client's hiring committee. To help evaluate those candidates, we provided our client with a custom scorecard that allowed them to force rank the people they interviewed.

One dynamic hire

After several rounds of interviews, we helped our client make an offer to the candidate that possessed both the requisite skills and the engaging personality to succeed in a dynamic, growing organization.

Our recruiting process

Based on our 15 years of experience building teams and hiring for clients, we've developed a powerful methodology for consistently sourcing the best candidates:

Get to know the business and understand the opportunity

The first thing we do is get to know your business, your products, your customers, and your personnel. These are simple but powerful conversations that help us build a complete picture of where you've been, where you're going, and who you need to help you get there.

Develop the hiring strategy and job description

We help you position the role within the org and the marketplace. Then we help you refine, or we create from scratch, a job description that matches that strategy and is designed to capture the attention of the target candidates.

Create the hiring scorecard

We create a scorecard that describes exactly what you want a person to accomplish in the role. The scorecard lists outcomes and competencies you're looking for, giving you a clear picture of what the person you seek needs to be able to accomplish.

Source the candidates

We don't just post job descriptions on hiring sites. Using the hiring strategy as our guide, we ask our network for referrals and target appropriate sectors to find qualified people who may not be actively looking for a new role.

Help select the talent

We work with your hiring manager to develop an interview process that makes sense for your org. We assign roles and specific questions to interviewers, then help you rank candidates according to the scorecard. Finally, we help you make the offer. If desired, we can operate as both a facilitator and a negotiator on your behalf.

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