Created the content strategy for a boutique creative agency

As the Head of Content, we developed a multi-channel strategy that reached tens of thousands of brand decision makers with original content and resources that helped them make better creative marketing decisions

Growing a community while promoting the essentials of brand innovation that affect your organization, your creativity, and your career

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Launched the agency's first-ever content marketing practice

Working with the creative director, we developed an omni-channel marketing strategy across newsletters, web, and social that spoke directly to brand decision-makers

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Led creatives and strategists to publish original work

Developed an in-house editorial calendar and production workflow that commissioned original work from strategists and creatives

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Consistently trending on twitter

Led a creative team that published weekly creative challenges on twitter, leading to consistent exposure on twitter's trending topics

A powerful voice for a growing agency

The flagship content product for Article Group was Article, a weekly newsletter that covered the essentials of brand innovation — strategy and messaging, systems thinking, and content. Through that newsletter, which reached thousands of readers (clients and prospects alike), we promoted our weekly articles, resources, and twitter creative challenges. Our resources, built in Google Slides, were designed to be shared throughout a brand's marketing department, softening the ground for our sales approach.

Services Rendered

Leading a cross-department content team

Agencies are accustomed to working for clients, not themselves. We surmounted that hurdle through empathetic and inclusive leadership, bringing voices from across the agency to the table to create original work.

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Agency leadership

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Content strategy

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Content marketing

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Workflow design

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Writing and editing

Creating shareable resources for brand marketers

Working with creatives and strategists, we developed a calendar of original resources that helped brand marketers embrace creative principles, including The Marketer's Guide to Judging Creative Work, The Essential Guide to Hosting a Workshop, and Creative Mad Libs.

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