Establishing thought leadership with branded content

We designed and launched Box Blueprint, a branded content publication that became one of the most influential voices on the future of work

Driving awareness and priming sales conversations

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Dramatically expanded reach

Within just a few months of launch, Blueprint became one of the top 50 publications leading the conversation about the future of work

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Sales support that worked

We sent each Blueprint article to Box's sales teams, providing conversation starters and burnishing their reputation as experts in document governance

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Influential voices

We staffed Blueprint with a range of authoritative voices who each had their own followings, adding to our reach and our voice

Creating long-term value through content

Box needed to drive awareness and prime sales conversations. Working closely with product executives, we mapped the conversational topics that Box could own. We then developed a publishing and distribution strategy and created a workflow that produced 6-10 new stories a week—all utilized by the sales team and social teams and cross-pollinated with media appearances.

Services Rendered

Full-Stack Editorial Management

We pitched, designed, published, and managed editorial brand content for Blueprint, using a network of freelance influences to publish seven articles per week

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Content Strategy

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Content Production

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Content Management

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Publishing and Reporting

Original content from influential voices

We identified and commissioned key authoritative voices on the future of work, assigning them articles that would ultimately be shared in target communities around the web.

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