Creating a content strategy for 14,000+ URLs

Working as the lead content strategist on an agency team that was redesigning a large web site for a global b2b financial services firm, I created a content structure, strategy, taxonomy, and migration recommendation that helped the designers work more efficiently, and helped the client understand the value of their content

Helping the project team understand a complex set of products and services

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Built a single source of truth

B2B offerings can be complex and unfamiliar. In order to help the project team understand the information space, I thoroughly researched the client's content and competitors (in and out of category), developing a glossary of terms and product architecture that provided a single source of truth

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Classified all content into a net-new taxonomy

Created a tag taxonomy that organized thousands of pages of editorial and product content, allowing that content to be migrated into a new CMS

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Recommended a strategic migration plan

After a SEO content audit, I recommended a URL migration plan that maintained the client's traffic while deprecating lesser-trafficked pages and content types

Services Rendered

Giving structure to a chaotic information space and helping designers to work more efficiently

My role in this project was two-part: One, to help the agency team understand the client's content, so they could create more informed designs. And two, to recommend new content structures and types, and provide a migration strategy for the client's new CMS and domain.

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Content Strategy

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Product Strategy

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Content Audit

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Taxonomy Creation

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Migration Strategy

Content strategy for thousands of URLs

Simplifying a complex array of content through visual examples

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